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About Francoise Cariou

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I don’t consider myself a French Impressionist painter.  And While I have been influenced by the Impressionists, as most painters have, I am influenced by any painter who does good work.  Famous or unknown.  As the English poet Tennyson said: “I am part of all I have met.”  I think a better word than “influenced” would be “inspired.”  Because when my emotions are touched by a work of Art, of any form, it “inspires” me with new ideas and feelings.

I was born in Brittany, in the North-Western part of France.  My Mother painted, but not seriously.  And it wasn’t until later in life that I became interested in painting.   Although I am self-taught (“auto-didact” is the word in French) I have been fortunate enough to receive guidance and encouragement from the celebrated Syrian painter Inayat.   I’m interested in expressing myself in all art forms, not just painting.   And so, for the future I hope to be creating in other mediums as well.

I hope you enjoy your visit here and look forward to your questions and comments.